$STRDY holders shape the future of the Sturdy protocol through governance. To participate in governance, you can contribute to discussions in the forums ( or cast votes (

Want to make a proposal of your own? Here’s a quick 3-step guide to submitting your own SIP (Sturdy Improvement Proposal):

1) Community Discussion

Before creating a governance proposal, fielding the idea to the community is important. The Sturdy Forums is a great place to explore potential proposals and bounce ideas off other DAO members. The forum lets you answer questions and incorporate feedback while forming your proposal. This is a great way to play with ideas before getting into the nuts and bolts; there’s no need for formal structure at this stage. Once your idea starts to form, and you’ve found some support within the community, it’s time to add a little structure and send it into the proposal section of the Forum.

2) Post In Proposal Section Of The Forum

The proposal section of the Sturdy governance forum is for more flushed-out ideas. At this stage, your proposal should be specific and structured; you should know exactly what you’re trying to do and how to best go about it. The proposal section of the governance forum grants the community the ability to weigh in on the proposal and share their thoughts/feedback before it goes to a vote. This can be a great time to adjust any details you may have overlooked and incorporate new community feedback. Once your proposal holds up against the community's scrutiny, you’re ready to take it to a vote!

3) Create a Formal Proposal

Now it’s time to create a formal proposal on Snapshot. This stage requires the submitter to hold at least 1,000 $STRDY to keep the platform from getting flooded with spam proposals. Just click new proposal and fill in all the details to submit your proposal to the DAO; you should add a link to the discussion from the proposal section of the governance forum to allow voters to view the discussions surrounding the proposal easily. Each voting period lasts 48 hours, and a proposal must receive a quorum of 100,000 votes to be ratified.

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